Portugal 2014

As some of you may already know, if you follow me on Instagram (@trxpicalandrea), I recently went on a two week holiday to Portugal. I go to Portugal with my family every year as it is our favourite holiday destination, it's just perfect in so many ways! I thought I would tell you a little bit about my holiday, if you're perhaps thinking of taking a trip to Portugal some time, or if you're like me and are interested in finding out about people's holidays!

We always go to the Algarve as it's a beautiful region filled with stunning coves and beaches and has breath-taking scenery. We stayed in a small village/town called Carvoeiro which was beautiful and had lots of little cafes, shops and restaurants to visit. I felt it was fairly calm and quiet compared to other, bigger towns I've visited, but at the same time it was still buzzing with people, especially at night in the centre of the town, but it was just right for me!

We stayed in a 4-star hotel called Tivoli which was brilliant. We had a huge room with one of the best views we've had so far, overlooking the sea and pool area.

Just down the road from the hotel, there were lots of cute cafes and restaurants. One of my favourite cafes which I would really recommend visiting was Café Fino. A gorgeous pink (my favourite colour so obviously I loved it!) and white café which serves amazing smoothies, ice creams, waffles, crepes, pizzas and more!

Overall, I would say Carvoeiro is one of the most beautiful places I've visited, as it has such spectacular scenery and gorgeous little streets and cafes, not to mention the array of flowers which I really enjoyed taking photographs of! I would definitely recommend you to visit there and I would love to return some day.

To finish of this post, I will show you a few more pictures I took while there, as even though I just use my phone camera, I adore taking photos. Thank you for reading!
Lots of love,

Andrea x


  1. The views look stunning and the food looks so yummy X

    1. Yeah the views are amazing! And the food is definitely yummy haha, thanks for reading x


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